Techmart unveils Web shopfront

Techmart unveils Web shopfront

Brisbane retailer Techmart's new Web site, due to be launched at the end of May, is to have a shopfront feel in order to attract customers getting used to buying online.

John Rutterford, manager of software development company Intermedia Software (part of the Techmart group), has been developing software, codenamed "Project Savior", which will allow the retailer to publish information from its database to the Web site.

"You really have to give that storefront feel," Rutterford said. "People are used to that and until they get used to buying online, they're going to need to feel that comfort zone of walking into a shop and being able to ask questions," Rutterford said.

The software Intermedia is developing will allow Techmart's customers to access information such as price lists, information on products and sales order status. The new Web site will have log-ins which allow different levels of access.

Rutterford said it had tried to make the new Web site "very personal" and believes this is the way e-tailing should be going.

"When I walk into a shop and I want something, I just want to buy it," he said. "If I want to talk to somebody about a product, then I want to be able to ask questions."

According to Rutterford, Intermedia Software is developing an area of the site where customers can have "conversations" with salespeople online.

He believes as long as it has the customer care formula correct, the 1000 hits a day he is initially predicting will translate into sales. "A lot of it is building trust within the customer," Rutterford said. "And showing them we are a reputable company and have been here for 20 years."

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