Acer addresses second-tier reseller needs

Acer addresses second-tier reseller needs

The announcement yesterday of Acer's Solution Partner (ASP) program has signalled the final stage in a channel restructuring program that has seen Acer rationalise its direct resellers and create the Acer Premium Club 2000.

According to Greg Mikaelian, national channel manager for Acer, the ASP program will provide "the existing dealer network with better marketing support. We have always had a lot of loyal second-tier resellers but we didn't know who they were or what they contributed to Acer."

Specifically, the ASP program will support resellers through its online publication, Acer Connect Weekly; by direct access to Acer corporate, product and pricing information through an ASP dedicated Web site; by free access to sales and marketing courses conducted by Acer's training facility, Acer IT Academy; by support from Acer's business development managers to grasp key business opportunities; and by product support through the Acer Demo Voucher program.

Mikaelian explained there are loose criteria resellers must meet in order to qualify for the program. "There are fairly minimal revenue criteria, resellers must provide a niche product or service and they should have some regional coverage."

However, Mikaelian doesn't perceive any of these guidelines as detrimental to Acer's goal of recruiting 250 "quality resellers in the next six to nine months".

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