MGB and Harris adopt rental strategy

MGB and Harris adopt rental strategy

Perth leasing company RentSmart last week signed exclusive deals with Myer/Grace Bros to set up in-store kiosks and with Harris Technology to market itself through the reseller's popular Web site.

RentSmart kiosks will be established in Myer Melbourne, Grace Bros Sydney, and MegaMart centres in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Customers can check pricing details of products on a PC in the stores. Credit details are then phoned through to RentSmart and approval faxed back to the kiosk in about 10 minutes.

Stage two of the arrangement will be implemented in December, according to Ned Montarello, Rent Smart's managing director. This will grant patrons fully online services on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. June will see the third stage of the program unveiled, though Montarello is keeping the details under wraps.

The kiosks went live on October 4 with plans to expand the concept beyond the original four stores into MGB's 60 national outlets in the next three to five months, Montarello said.

Harris will also offer its customers the choice of financing IT purchases through RentSmart. Montarello explained customers could fill their shopping carts as usual but instead of buying the products they can get a rental quote and transfer the process to a rental application where everything can be approved online.

"We will pay Myer and Harris on behalf of the customer."

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