Memorex Telex introduces network auditing system

Memorex Telex introduces network auditing system

Network integrator Memorex Telex has devised a network performance monitor, Bandwidth Auditing Service, to analyse a business's network ability in the Internet era.

Oliver Descoeudres, Memorex Telex's marketing manager, explains that the Bandwidth Auditing Service is designed to detect and analyse a network's performance, ultimately recommending management practices or redesign specifications. "It collects data on congestion spots and performance problems with the aim of improving a network's capabilities, without necessarily increasing bandwidth," claims Descoeudres.

The extension of the Internet into business practices has forced many organisations into a greater understanding of their network. "Because of the increased use of the Internet there is information going in and out from all over the place," Descoeudres says, adding that "the trend towards client servers for mission critical-applications such as ERP solutions means that what you could get away with a couple of years ago you can't anymore. You have to manage your bandwidth better because it isn't cost-effective to have one line for your mission-critical stuff and one for all other traffic."

Descoeudres claims that Bandwidth Auditing Service assists in this process. Taking about five days to analyse a business's network, the basic kit costs $4000 and includes a recommendation and solution report. Memorex Telex then leverages the results to consolidate client relationships and value add additional services and products. "At the moment customers generally have no idea about bandwidth. We are using this product to educate them. They can then come to us to improve their network practices, technology or bandwidth. We are already finding that we are getting a lot more orders after customers have used the Auditing Service," claims Descoeudres.

The Bandwidth Auditing Service acts as an introduction to Memorex Telex's range of Packeteer PacketShaper products by recommending the products to businesses whose networks need improving. "We are offering three levels of product in this service, the Packeteer 1000, 2000 and 3000," says Descoeudres, explaining that Memorex Telex is the Packeteer distributor in Australia.

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