Faxinating the messaging market

Faxinating the messaging market

Software developer house Fenestrae claims to be able to eliminate up to 40 per cent of a corporation's communication costs with its new messaging solution Faxination 4.0 for Microsoft Exchange.

Michael Trinder, Asia-Pacific regional manager for Fenestrae, said Faxination eliminates "spaghetti syndrome", a company's inability to combine its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, EDI and e-commerce applications with its telecommunications system. It also allows a corporation to fuse its messaging systems, including e-mail, fax and phone, and thus manage communication costs more productively.

"Faxination is an integrated messaging solution. It is based on a universal platform where you can simply snap in your native system so you use it in your own environment.

"It then automates a policy predetermined by a corporation to manage a company's communication needs and track the cost of providing those needs," claims Trinder.

Based on Fenestrae's Universal Message Routing (UMR) technology, the Faxination regulates messages to off-peak times, bundles them to specific sites, faxes to a fax service provider (thus avoiding international rates), which then utilises existing network backbones to transfer the message to the intended recipient.

Trinder estimates that 50 per cent of tele- communication activity is still done by fax and, with GartnerGroup estimating that it takes an employee seven minutes to send one, Faxination could save up to 60 per cent of fax-related phone costs and staff and material resource expenditure.

The fax element of the modular design is merely one segment of the overall package. Faxination combines the UMR centrepiece, Microsoft Exchange connectivity, and Microsoft mail. Additional modules include mobile data server packages, which allow connectivity to any system from a mobile phone and the use of Short Message Services (SMS).

Future proof

"This is a future proof system," Trinder said. "It is a developmental platform that takes into consideration the fact that stuff that is important now will wane in the future. It is Wizard driven so easy to install. Nothing is done at the end-user level, it is all done at the server which is a huge cost and time saver."

Anticipating the expansion of Fenestrae's channel, Trinder believes it will be the reseller who installs and maintains the constantly evolving system. "This is not a box drop product. It allows resellers to offer a complete solution where they can constantly add modules."

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