Adobe to leave town

Adobe to leave town

At the expense of its Asia-Pacific Sydney headquarters and 250 jobs worldwide, software company Adobe Systems is predicting it will exceed market expectations in the second quarter and continue its 15 per cent growth.

In a $15 million restructuring operation, Adobe will consolidate its present four regional organisations into three in the hope that it will "drive revenue growth". According to Mark Pieper, general manager for the Pacific region, it will also "reduce duplication of roles, infrastructure, administration and marketing resources".

To this end the regions currently known as America, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific/Latin America will be consolidated into The Americas & Pacific (North America, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand), Europe, and Asia (Japan and Asia).

The Asia Pacific/Latin American office, which is currently located in Chatswood, will be assimilated into Adobe's head office in San Jose, according to Pieper.

"This will result in the movement of 14 positions, some of which will be absorbed into the Pacific team, others into the US," Pieper said.

Europe to take cuts

The abandonment of Adobe's European corporate headquarters in Edinburgh ensures that Europe will experience the brunt of the restructuring and most of the 250 staff cuts.

According to Pieper, Adobe's Pacific operations, also located in Chatswood, will remain relatively untouched. "The Pacific team has seen exceptional growth in our business through the first half of financial '99 - a trend we attribute to strong demand for our products across the entire range."

Adobe is anticipating the restructure will provide for the company's continued revenue growth and the extension of its electronic initiatives later this year. Adobe also plans to invest in global customer programs under the new alignment. "These programs will include worldwide licensing, pricing, Adobe service providers, certified training providers, VARs and system integrators, major accounts, and worldwide service and support," Pieper said.

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