Prophecy is fulfilled with IC's help

Prophecy is fulfilled with IC's help

Australian developer Prophecy International's stake in the e-commerce market got significantly larger last week with the announcement of a bundling partnership with US e-commerce company Integrated Concepts.

Prophecy will contribute its much-needed back-end solution, ProphecyOpen Object Framework, to IC's otherwise complete Electronic Commerce suite.

Both businesses are Computer Associates' (CAI) partners and when Prophecy put the word out that they were looking for a strategic business partner in the e-commerce arena, CAI hooked them up with IC.

"We wanted a business partner that potentially has contacts in areas we are interested in and you can't have a conversation about IT without mentioning e-commerce these days," explained Prophecy's executive director, sales, Alan Greig.

However, the move into e-commerce required a partner, with Prophecy currently offering only one e-commerce product, its back-end supply system. "IC's model is that they have everything in their e-commerce suite except they were lacking a high-tech back-office supply system that could easily integrate with their own products as well as being object oriented. Prophecy does all this," said Greig.

Prophecy is also implementing an aggressive growth strategy, according to Greig. To this end, Prophecy's strong Australian presence and global partner and customer network was attractive to the US developer. "IC can utilise our network just as we can theirs," said Greig. "They have some strong offshore expansion plans that are backed by some good financial support. We will be going along for the ride."

The apparent melding of the two components into a complete solution will catapult Prophecy into markets previously undreamt of. "Prophecy is out there selling a lot of products and nearly everyone who wants an e-commerce solution needs a back-end system as well. So we get involved in every deal," said Greig.

For Prophecy customers, the alliance also means they have access to full e-commerce solutions, rather than just back-end options, a circumstance Greig fully expects will drive the adoption of Prophecy solutions globally. "We might be going along for the ride with IC but at the same time we are establishing and building our own customer base."

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