Nexsan unveils SATA array for enterprise applications

Nexsan unveils SATA array for enterprise applications

Nexsan Technologies announced this week an inexpensive storage system for enterprise-size businesses that provides the high-performance requirements for business-critical application, according to the company's claims.

The SATAblade is a Serial ATA (SATA) array that provides 1G-byte/sec sustained throughput. It is housed in a 1U (1¾-inch) high enclosure and contains as many as eight 400 G-byte SATA drives running at 10,000 RPMs. A single SATA blade can store as much as 3.2T bytes of data. Users can also mix and match faster and slower drives in the same enclosure.

When combined with two other SATAblades, Nexsan can deliver 9.6T-bytes in a 3U (5 ¼-inch) high enclosure.

Serial ATA and ATA drives have been immensely popular for storing both primary and secondary data. While a little slower than more-expensive Fibre Channel drives, Serial ATA provides the performance necessary at a cost that is effective, observers say.

Nexsan has been successful by a variety of measures. According to Diamond Lauffin, executive vice president at Nexsan, the company has shipped about 1.7 petabytes of ATA storage a month and has 8,000 units installed.

The 3.2 terabyte SATAblade is available now through a network of storage value-added resellers starting at US$13,500.

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