CA to help homes battle the millennium bug

CA to help homes battle the millennium bug

Computer Associates (CA) are taking advantage of newly acquired anti-virus software company Vet to develop the Vet 2000-Millennium Test Kit and the obviously complimentary Vet 2000-Millennium Update Kit.

Retailing at $9.99 the test kit is aimed at the home and small business market according to CA's marketing manager, Vet, Frances Ludgate. "A lot of people don't want to spend a $100, a $150 on checking a computer they already think is compliant because they only bought it a couple of years ago, or on a service they can get for free from a lot of suppliers. CA is aiming to make its profit in the upgrade kit, not the testing kit," explains Ludgate.

In its bid to hit the home market CA are distributing and selling the two packages through some unusual channels, including Mobile service stations and Billy Guyatts. However Ludgate assures the channel the "offer is definitely available to our resellers. This is just one of those things that is on the top of everyone's minds and we need to take advantage of that and not just go through standard channels." Anyone who wants to be involved in the sale of the two products can be, according to Ludgate, who claims that all partners will have the benefit of a CA support line.

The test kit only determines the Y2K compatibility of a PC's BIOS, not its software applications or operating systems. If necessary, the BIOS is made compliant by installing a computer program which automatically corrects it when the computers clock reaches the end of the millennium.

The update kit retails for $99.

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