Stand up and fight

Stand up and fight

When was the last time you picked up a placard and marched on Federal Parliament?

Sure, Australia's union days are fading but we still know how to get angry and voice an opinion.

Rumours have started to circulate regarding the impending doom caused by the possibility that the introduction of the GST could be delayed by up to a quarter.

HP's channel advocate Lindsay Lyon, who is working closely with the AIIA in lobbying the Government, commented to me last week the delayed GST implementation could result in "blood on the floor" for the channel.

It makes me angry sometimes that many small resellers truly have been dealt a bad hand in the channel.

The IT industry is such that if you don't stay with emerging technologies and constantly re-shape your business you get left behind, staring extinction in the face. That's life.

But what's not fair is Government procrastination over something so fundamental to business as the GST.

It's bad enough business is going through this gradual GST-migration process as software vendors learn, step by step, exactly what's required to be "GST-compliant".

Granted that the GST is extremely complex, but so is everything when it comes to the world of corporate finance.

ARN is happy to throw its support behind organisations, such as the AIIA, that have begun to lobby the Government for assurances their lazy bureaucrats can pull the finger out by June 30.

Am I being too dramatic? I don't think so. The impact of delaying the GST's introduction will have a massive impact on corporate IT purchasing, leaving many resellers caught with difficult cash flow issues.

In early February, I argued the Government's 100 per cent GST rebate on the IT hardware and software required to gain GST-compliance was a healthy thing. Where the SME PC market is concerned, I believe that still is the case.

But as the GST story unfolds, the possibility of delayed implementation could have far-reaching effects on channel revenues expected into the second half of 2000.

ARN contacted some resellers about the concerns towards the end of last week, but I'd also love to receive your feedback via e-mail or phone as the situation unfolds. If you get the chance, you might also consider contacting the AIIA or your local Federal MP directly to air your opinions.

Don't take the apathetic line. Find out more information now before it's too late so you can protect your interests.

See ya, Tom

I'm sad to say this issue we bid farewell to one of ARN's long-serving members and channel identities, Tom Allen. Without getting too mushy about the fella (he hates that), the channel just won't be the same without him.

Tom's off to a weekly end-user publication (imagine doing such a thing) outside the IDG stable for a crack at something new. On behalf of all the ARN team I wish him every success in the future, as I'm sure do those of you who have offered him "good gibber" for countless stories along the way.

The good news is we have plenty of new talent waiting in the wings to fill his shoes, so watch this space!

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