Reverend' Yates speaks

Reverend' Yates speaks

Reverend' Yates speaks

ARN's newest sister, The Australian Industry Standard, officially launched with a bang last week - literally. And after addressing the congregation of around 250 faithful, the online publication's black-hatted editor, Ian Yates, appeared calm as fire-works lit up the venue.

The launch was held at one of the huge carefully preserved workshops at the Australian Technology Park, in Redfern, Sydney.

Pictured here just moments after the sudden explosions, Yates' calm exterior belied his real emotions. After his rousing sermon he confided to us that the pyrotechnicians had planted one of the devices near his feet during rehearsals the previous night.

He was expecting the worst.

`I knew it was coming, so I closed my eyes, but they went off behind me instead,' he explained.

After such a baptism of fire, Tabloid believes the `new kid' has earned his stripes and the Industry Standard will be one for those with an interest in the Internet economy to keep an eye what happened after the Xmas party?

Exactly what it was that some of Tabloid's favourite channel chicks got up to during the most recent Christmas party season is all starting to come out in the wash - or should that read on the litmus paper.

It has come to our attention that at least two well-known IT people of the fairer gender are just a little bit pregnant. The state of play at the moment pinpoints December as the offending month.

No names, no pack-drill - we'll let the lovely ladies involved spread their own good news - just a couple of thrilled young lasses. Both are closely linked to marketing communications.

If the two blessed souls that we know about, and others that we don't, are uncertain as to just how this miracle could have happened, just drop us a line at and we will point you to some interesting Web reading.

Burnt offerings

Timing, as they say, is everything. A Melbourne-based Public Relations consultant rang ARN reporter Gerard Norsa with a `story opportunity' and to follow up a media release on behalf of a client.

Norsa, who was already staring down two deadlines, had just put a sandwich in the office griller, tried to politely abbreviate the conversation. Undaunted, the PR person persisted . . . just long enough to raise the ire of the usually unflappable scribe. But when he got off the phone to find his lunch blackened, well let's just say that the story may never be told.

Don't forget to get your best Y2K holiday picture in to us for a chance to win a copy of Windows 2000 Professional.

Simon Dobson from Sydney-based system integrator Pongrass Newspaper Systems sent in this photo of his son whose clothes turned out not to be Y2K compliant. Dobson is hoping a fully compliant OS will remediate the situation. So get your photos to Tabloid by this Friday 11 February for your chance to win a copy of Windows 2000 complete with supporting manuals.

E-mail your pic to or send in your photos to ARN Tabloid c/- IDG P.O. box 295 St Leonards NSW 1590

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