e-Business: evolution not revolution

e-Business: evolution not revolution

With all the hype surrounding business-to-business e-commerce and the massive change it forces upon supply chains, some systems integrators (SIs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) may fear that they are losing their relevance.

This is not necessarily the case according to Knut Dybendahl, e-commerce business manager for the Asia-Pacific office of productivity solutions provider Compuware.

`When all the hype has died, people will realise that it is just a new way of doing business,' Dybendahl said in discussing Compuware's new `legacy application renewal' solution, known as e-Legacy.

While he does recognise that businesses need to reinvent themselves to embrace e-commerce, for SIs and ISVs the fundamental business principles apply to the lifecycle of any project.

`We have a straightforward message,' Dybendahl said. `Application development, integration and implementation hasn't really changed, it's just had an 'e-' put on the beginning of it.

`Yes, [e-business] changes the market reach but as with any current solution, the development, testing and management is still the same - it's just in a different environment,' he added.

Dybendahl also scoffed at the idea that all infrastructures need to be scrapped, instead saying the e-business era is an `evolution rather than revolution.

`It is all about making e-commerce work now,' he said. `The idea is to come up with intelligent solutions [that take advantage of existing hardware and software infrastructures].'

Leveraging legacy system and platform investments for e-business is what Compuware specialises in, Dybendahl claimed.

`Customers are looking for you [solution providers] to respond to market demands. That demand is now e-business,' he said. `You haven't always got the time to rebuild, so you have to rejuvenate.'

According to Dybendahl, there are many good applications out there that are too good to be scrapped and that the challenge is to breathe some `e' life into them. The ability of Compuware products to provide the development, testing and management of this `new way of doing business' in one solution is the value proposition it claims to be bringing to the table.

According to Compuware, the e-Legacy product is an end-to-end solution aimed at those organisations needing to create `new customer-facing e-commerce applications using existing technology and proven applications, especially for IBM S/390 users'.

`Compuware's e-Legacy solution significantly compresses Web application development time and breathes new life into existing technology and older applications,' Dybendahl said.

By Gerard Norsa

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