Coyote Point: It's all in the DNA

Coyote Point: It's all in the DNA

Digital Networks Australia (DNA) has been appointed by server management vendor Coyote Point Systems as its exclusive distributor for Asia-Pacific.

According to DNA's products man-ager, Matthew Hales, DNA will commence distribution of Coyote Point's server load-balancing rack-mount, Equalizer, by the middle of this year.

Resellers have not yet been appointed, but Hales said DNA was currently in discussion with a number of (undisclosed) channel partners.

John Osborne, manager of the Web products division at DNA, said Coyote Point's Equalizer would bolster its range in the e-commerce and services markets. The target market for Equalizer would be smaller companies and startups in Australia.

Hales said DNA had considered sec-uring distribution deals for various other e-commerce server products before finally deciding on Equalizer. In particular, he said his company had been attracted to products offered by US Web software company F5 Networks, but had ultimately favoured Coyote Point primarily due to cost.

Hales said a Coyote Point product, on average, would cost as little as one third of the price of a similar product offered by F5, and described this as `a lot more suitable for the majority of the market'.

Hales said DNA's association with Coyote Point had not yet presented any significant strategic differences to the distributor's current dealings with Australian vendors.

However, he said his company expected the US vendor would most likely need to adjust its expectations of the Australian market.

`The number of companies implementing Web sites that involve 'clusters' are obviously a lot smaller over here,' he said.

`With these kinds of load balancing and e-commerce solutions obviously things took off in the US a bit earlier, so typically these vendors have very high target expectations. Sometimes they don't realise we're a little bit smaller than them.'

With businesses paying an average of $10,000 for purchase and installation of Equalizer, Hales predicted the product would earn DNA half a million dollars in revenues this year.

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