No lights on at Compaq HQ

No lights on at Compaq HQ

They say that all roads lead to Rome, but if you want to believe one of the IT industry's biggest names, all illumination leads to Rhodes.

One may very well get off the train (alight) at Rhodes railway station to get to Compaq's enterprise division HQ, but there is definitely no lamp shining brightly for Compaq with this sign (a light).

While we fully appreciate the theory that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, we have to wonder how a company that can afford to buy Digital Equipment Corporation and sponsor a Formula 1 team can fail to see the sense in spending the $3.50 it would have cost to have someone proofread this sign.

We definitely think that some lights in the marketing and promotions department need to be turned on for Compaq at Rhodes.

There are always those who think they know everything but we thought the smart IT companies were concentrating on their core competencies and partnering with specialists where required.

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