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U.S. Presidential Candidate Says Iris Technology Will Protect American Borders

  • 14 October, 2004 15:42

<p>In the third live Presidential Debate, Democrat candidate Senator John Kerry argued that a key component to securing US. borders was the application of Iris Recognition technology.</p>
<p>“In the current climate of heightened security, hi-tech and robust biometric security solutions like iris-recognition offer the best choice for border security,” said Bruce Lyman, identity security expert and Chief Executive Officer of Australian company Argus Solutions.</p>
<p>“Iris-recognition technology comes into its own because you don’t have to rely on potentially fraudulent passports. Passports can be lost, destroyed, altered or falsified. Once your iris image has been recorded you cannot pass yourself off as someone else. And, unlike fingerprints, iris recognition is not affected by having dirty hands or worn fingerprints through heavy manual labour.”</p>
<p>“Iris technology has been shown to be the most effective security method against identity fraud. It is the most accurate form of identification known to man and is more accurate and importantly less invasive than DNA matching. Every iris is completely unique due to the chaotic morphogenesis process that is completed by the time a child reaches their first birthday so the probability of two irises being identical is minute: 1 in 10 to the power of 78,” said Mr Lyman</p>
<p>“Iris technology is completely non-intrusive and takes only a second to complete verification. So it is quicker for passengers to be screened with, doesn’t require the uncomfortable practice of giving finger prints and is much less invasive than DNA testing.”</p>
<p>“Iris technology also removes the ‘guess-work’ that customs officials often have to play with people whose image has changed since their passport photo was taken. Uncertainty arising from changes of hairstyle, wearing of glasses or even facial injury are removed. You can’t fake an iris image.”</p>
<p>“Iris-recognition is going to become the first choice for border security and Australia will play a leading role in that evolution,” said Mr Lyman</p>
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