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Iomega Unleashes 16x Double-Layer DVD Drives

  • 13 October, 2004 15:13

<p>Sydney 13 October - Iomega now offers two new Iomega Super DVD 16x recorders, improving workflow for home and business users with the 33 percent performance boost. Designed for the evolving needs of home and small business users and supporting the new 8.5 GB double-layer (DL) recording standard, the new drives give consumers an outstanding tool for managing videos, data, music and photos.</p>
<p>Two Drive Models, Two User Profiles</p>
<p>For video enthusiasts, the new Iomega® Super DVD QuikTouch™ Video Burner 16x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive combines a DVD recorder with a video capture card. The result is a versatile desktop drive that can accept data from either a PC or a video source, burning single- or double-layer video DVDs, VCDs (Video CDs), and conventional data DVDs and CDs. To capture video, users plug a video source directly into the 16x QuikTouch Video Burner. Then they press the QuikTouch button on top of the drive and start their video. The QuikTouch Video Burner automatically recognizes the disc format and manages the recording process.</p>
<p>For users who already have a video capture card installed, and for general disc-burning activities, the new Iomega® Super DVD Writer 16x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive is a flexible, high-performance alternative. The 16x Super DVD Writer is a virtually effortless way to transfer home videos, photos, music, and other files from the computer to the living room DVD player.</p>
<p>Iomega's new 16x drives are the second generation of Iomega DVD recorders to provide double-layer 8.5 gigabyte capability, and users are excited about the storage potential of these new double-layer discs. Iomega's DVD Wizard software also demystifies the recording process, so users can burn discs effortlessly the first time and every time.</p>
<p>Included with the new drives is a software collection that helps users perform advanced automatic backup, video editing, and photo and music management. Using DVD+R DL discs, with a native capacity of 8.5 GB*, customers can now store more than 12 CDs of data on a single disc, almost twice the capacity of a standard single-layer DVD. Each 8.5 GB DVD+R DL disc is roughly equivalent to 34,000 JPEGs, up to 12 hours of MPEG-1 video, or 147 hours of MP3 music.**</p>
<p>Key Features</p>
<p>Supported formats include DVD+R and DVD+RW (16x4x8x write, rewrite, and read), DVD-R and DVD-RW (8x4x8x), and CD-R and CD-RW discs (40x24x40x).</p>
<p>Ripping music CDs is also faster than ever, thanks to 40x digital audio extraction.</p>
<p>The new drives are easy to set up and operate, and each drive features buffer underrun protection for reliable burns. Each drive also comes with the Iomega DVD Solutions Wizard, which takes the guesswork out of recording tasks by helping users select the appropriate software and type of disc for different tasks.</p>
<p>DVD+R DL</p>
<p>DVD+R DL is a "write-once" recording standard. A double-layer DVD+R DL disc contains two recording layers of organic dye film. The top layer is semi-transparent, allowing the recording laser to focus on either the top layer or the bottom layer. When the laser heats microscopic regions on one of the recording layers, it creates permanent dots in the organic dye film. The resulting data can be read in most standard DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.</p>
<p>Double-layer discs offer 80 percent more capacity than previous-generation 4.7 GB DVD discs, with significant benefits for the end user:</p>
<p>* Users can store DVD-quality home video at higher bit rates,</p>
<p>improving picture resolution and quality.</p>
<p>* Businesses can archive up to 12 CDs worth of data on a single DVD+R DL disc, reducing the cost and complexity of archiving data.</p>
<p>* IT departments can build system images for use with their client PCs.</p>
<p>* Filmmakers can master and test new DVD titles using inexpensive discs before pressing a batch of discs with traditional equipment.</p>
<p>Bundled software includes Iomega's DVD Solutions Wizard, Iomega Automatic Backup, Iomega HotBurn Pro, Sonic MyDVD™ video-editing software, Sonic™ Cineplayer software for the highest quality video playback, MusicMatch™ Jukebox music management software and AdobeR Photoshop Album™ Starter Edition. For Mac® OS users, Charismac® Discribe™ is included.</p>
<p>Iomega's DVD Solutions Wizard launches directly from the desktop and takes the guesswork out of writing DVDs by helping users select the appropriate software and type of disc for different tasks.</p>
<p>Award-winning Iomega® Automatic Backup software provides continuous real-time backup to any drive letter, the ability to save multiple revisions and keep multiple backup sets on different destination drives, the ability to exclude files by file type, to schedule backups, and to cache backups temporarily.</p>
<p>Iomega's HotBurn Pro software complements Windows® XP by adding true drag-and-drop file recording, an integrated console interface, integrated DVD and CD imaging, compilation creation, and a jewel case editor. Added features include a graphical audio layout editor; pop, click and hiss removal filters; and bootable CD creation.</p>
<p>Price, Availability, and Requirements</p>
<p>The external Iomega® Super DVD Writer 16x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive is available now at RRP of AU$449.00 The Iomega® Super DVD QuikTouch™ Video Burner 16x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive is now available at RRP AU$599.00</p>
<p>Iomega's 16x drives are compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, 2000, Me, or XP. Single-layer recordable support (4.7 GB) is provided by Mac® OS 10.2.7 or newer with a Macintosh G4 or faster with a built-in USB 2.0 connection.</p>
<p>* 1 GB = 1 billion bytes.</p>
<p>** Capacity estimate based on 1.48 Mbps MPEG-1 video, 250 KB JPEG photos, and 128 Kbps MP3 files.</p>

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