Adultshop stops on 69, fails to make headway

Adultshop stops on 69, fails to make headway

Oh come now! Despite the fallacious boast on its Web site that it's up 24-hours-a-day, executives at Adultshop, e-tailers of specialty products for the discerning adult buyer, had their heads buried last Thursday when it ended the day on 69 cents. It was a result that, whilst pleasing to some, was generally unsatisfying and unfulfilling for others.

Having raised the bar, shooting to well over $2 less than 12 months ago, the company's anticipated flow-on has dried up, making its current price look generally limp and like a bad spoof of its former self.

Whilst a long-term rise is not at all out of the question for the e-biz startup, certain holes will undoubtedly have to be plugged immediately. "Sixty nine is simply not good enough," moaned one observe

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