Solution 6's ASP government rollout

Solution 6's ASP government rollout


The ASP wave will wash over 600,000 government employees next month, with the government-targeted release of remotely managed, customised SAP software.

Following an agreement with enterprise software vendor SAP, Solution 6 will provide pre-templated SAP R/3 software to government agencies via its ASP arm, Centrum.

Based on standard R/3 processes, the SAP template will be custom-designed for use by state, local and federal government agencies, Centrum said. However, the service will also provide functions specifically designed for the government sector including financial reporting, human resources and payroll.

It will be available from February 1 with prices starting from under $100 per month, officals said. Costs will cover data processing and storage costs, usage charges and application updates.

Solution 6 will attempt to sign up government agencies for periods of up to five years, offering financial predictability in return.

Government agencies will not be required to purchase standard SAP R/3 licences to use the service.

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