Triton Secure makes Logical Connection

Triton Secure makes Logical Connection

Network integrator Logical Connections will add SAFLINK Corporation's biometric authentication technologies to its range of security products, following a reseller agreement with the Australian distributor, Triton Secure.

Craig Russell, Logical Connections' managing director, said the product would be a "significant" source of revenue and the company is taking on extra sales and marketing staff.

Logical would pitch the SAFLINK product at financial organisations, such as banks or insurance firms, as well as any organisations that wish to provide staff with access to internal information via the Internet, Russell said.

"The systems a few years ago cost thousands of dollars, now they cost hundreds. The pricing is right and the marketing is right."

Biometric technology is a natural progression for Logical Connection, as the company has been involved with RADIUS (remote authentication dial-in user services) for several years.

"We are looking for ways to integrate RADIUS with the SAFLINK product," Russell explained. "Access to a network via RADIUS usually uses fingerprints or token cards. It's a natural extension from that, to dial in to a network using fingerprints. It adds another layer of protection where security is an issue, for example bank Web sites."

John Meddows, the chief operating officer for Triton Secure, told ARN that Logical Connections was chosen for its specialised knowledge of network security and client base in the corporate and government sector.

"Logical is smaller but a specialist in its field," Meddows explained. "They are very much focused on secure authentication and network security and also barter and telephony integration. We see them as an important link in our reseller channel."

Triton's other resellers include NetStar, forensic specialist Rofin Australia and hospitality industry specialist CDS Worldwide.

"We're negotiating with at least half a dozen others," Meddows added. "We've got no particular end number in mind, but we're looking for resellers with a particular focus who can implement the product as part of its core product suite."

The SAFLINK product uses biometric technology to validate identity, eliminating the need for passwords or token cards. The technology works with any unique body part, including fingerprints, facial images, voice, and iris or retina scan, without actually capturing or storing the image.

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