Builders report short supply of new Intel chips

Builders report short supply of new Intel chips

Supplies of recently released Intel Core 2 Duo desktop processors are in short supply, according to local box builders.

Plus Corporation managing director, Nigel Fernandes, said it had received a limited allocation despite being one of five launch partners.

"We put in big orders but have had a limited allocation so far. Certainly not enough to meet demand," he said.

Some were proving easier to source than others, he said, especially low-end 6300 and 6400 models.

Protac International boss, Gary Jeng, is another builder looking for a bigger bucket of chips.

"We can get one or two models but not the complete range," he said. "This is not the first time and it has happened too often. You might see retailers already advertising Core 2 Duo but they're keeping other stock available for when they can't meet demand."

A recent report from Gartner suggested the shortage of new Intel processors will last until September. It said Intel expected a rapid manufacturing ramp-up and advised enterprises to start evaluating systems built on the new platforms in the final quarter of 2006 or beginning of next year.

Intel area sales manager, Andrew McLean, said the shortages were the result of healthy sales. He predicted greater volumes would be available this month.

"Individuals might have their own view on it, but I can see what is there," he said. "All the distributors have a backlog, but we are monitoring that on a daily basis. The Core Duo 6600s come through this week and it's all looking OK."

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