Scandals, scoundrels, larrikins and lushes

Scandals, scoundrels, larrikins and lushes

The May 5 issue saw Tabloid break the news of an undeclared assembly war, a war of words in the Australian PC channel that no one can win.

`Allegations of failure to deliver, technical incompetence, financial instability and even illegal activity are currently circulating the Australian PC assembly market, with fingers being pointed in all directions.'

On June 16, Tabloid revealed Microsoft's plans to revise B-SOD.

`In a shock announcement, Microsoft president Steve Ballmer revealed that the software giant will allow resellers and other channel partners to customise the appearance of the Blue Screen of Death (B-SOD), the screen that displays when the Windows operating system crashes.'

In the June 23 issue, Tabloid broke one of the biggest channel stories of the year: DMO DEBACLE.

`What was meant to be the biggest, most prestigious networking tender ever in Australia has become something of a joke and a farce, according to some of the parties pitching for the deal and sources inside Telstra.

` 'Telstra's done some pretty screwy things in its time, but this is right at the top of the list,' said one of Tabloid's sources.

`The Data Mode Operations (DMO) tender was supposed to see the rollout of technology that would herald Telstra's entry into the brave new world of converged voice and data. The tender has seen the emerging big three - Cisco, Nortel and Lucent - lock horns in what is sure to be a sign of things to come.

`The deal, which is believed to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, even sees arch-rivals Cisco and Alcatel join forces, with Alcatel acting as integrator in the Cisco bid.'

Within a month of the Tabloid report, and after a year of wrangling, Telstra announced a deal had been forged with NortelOn July 7, Tabloid revealed the reasons for business failure by reseller Pentagon Computers.

`Managing director Baldev Raj Batra attributed his failure to the following reasons:i) An eviction notice served from the landlordii) Summonses received from three suppliersiii) Customers not paying their accounts within the required trading terms of the companyiv) Employees leaving the company and asking for all their entitlementsv) Employees fighting among themselves on many issues (eg, the Internet)vi) The accounting systems used by the company not working sufficientlyvii) Suppliers threatening to collect stock in payment of their outstanding accountsviii) Suppliers threatening physical violence towards the managing directorix) The Sales Tax Refund procedure requiring too much paperworkx) Suppliers taking too much time to do the warranty work.'

From August 4, an action-packed corporate drive day at Sydney's Eastern Creek went dramatically up in smoke when the star attraction crashed and caught fire.

`Shocked guests of Logical (nee Anite Networks), Network Associates, and Xylan thanked their lucky stars THEY where not in the sponsors' Dodge Viper when its front left wheel broke off, sending it skidding off the road.

From August 25, LAN Systems enhanced its reputation for throwing the best parties in the business.

`At the LAN Lunacy New Orleans-style Mardi Gras party, the true colours of many of the LAN Systems boys were on show. John Penn, LAN Systems' marketing manager, looked very pretty in pink, while business unit manager Tony Heywood stole the show with his outrageous frock and headdress.'

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