Did you ever wonder how an Aussie Web company gets itself onto the site of one of the world's biggest click generators?

This is the question plaguing Janet Forrester, the founder and editor of food, accommodation and lifestyle site

Since May last year, she has been submitting her site for inclusion on Yahoo! under the category of Australian bed and breakfasts, and she reports that there have been no additions to the category in the whole time. But alas, no joy. Forrester is no stranger to the concept of editorial integrity, but she wonders what it takes to be listed as a resource on the yada-yada.

`Good question,' Tabloid thought. There must be lots of Australian Web sites that could be considered to be Yahoo!-worthy. So Tabloid called Yahoo!'s Australian office to get the dirt on its editors.

But this is cloaked in mystery. The Yahoo! spokesperson said that it doesn't give out information about its local editors, not even how many there are - they just claimed that they exist!

`Yahoo! is all about helping people find things. If we listed every site on the Internet we'd just be another search engine,' she insisted.

The editors - `our surfers,' as she called them - have a set of criteria as to how they select sites for inclusion, but as is their editorial right, it is not public domain.

But it would appear that there is a backlog of `would-be entries' and it seems many are called but few are chosen.

At one point, she revealed, Yahoo! in the US was so bogged down with submissions that it offered a `business express' service, in which, for a fee of $200, the Yahoo! surfers would look at a site within a week . . . no guarantees of being included.

Meanwhile, thousands of Australian sites wait for the Yahoo! surfers to surf on in and just maybe, add them to the directory.

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