Microsoft cracks down on software pirates

Microsoft cracks down on software pirates

Microsoft Australia is stepping up its copyright infringement enforcement after twelve Australian dealers were caught peddling counterfeit software.

The twelve individual dealers were sued for damages and agreed to pay settlements amounting to $119,000. The proceeds will be donated to community organisations as part of Microsoft's giving program.

Microsoft Australia is sending a strong warning to dishonest dealers engaging in copyright infringement saying it will continue to protect honest Australian software dealers and customers.

"These actions will dissuade dishonest dealers from engaging in counterfeit activities," said Alex Mercer, spokesperson for Microsoft Law and Corporate Affairs. "Microsoft is serious about reducing piracy to protect consumers from unscrupulous dealers and supporting the honest dealer. Vulnerable consumers are being deceived by dishonest dealers that leave a trail of frustration in their paths."According to figures released this week by independent research firm International Planning and Research, the Australian software industry looses $264 million annually to software piracy. Approximately one in every three business software programs used during 1999 were pirated.

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