ISP and retailer offer Ticket to ride

ISP and retailer offer Ticket to ride

ISP OzEmail and retailer Myer Grace Bros have announced a joint marketing initiative which will see an OzEmail Annual Net Ticket included with computer sales in all Myer GB and Megamart stores.

The initiative has grown out of a long relationship between the two companies, and allows for the development of future ventures coupling Internet access with computer sales.

The OzEmail Annual Net Ticket provides 201 bonus hours on Internet access in the first month and 12 free hours per month for the remaining 11 months.

"The plan is designed to give people the freedom to explore the Net. When people first get online they spend a lot of time exploring but after a month or so it tends to settle down into a pattern. The deal is essentially aimed at the home user and was designed based on ongoing research about Internet use," commented Peter Geer, national computer buyer for Myer GB.

Justin Milne, OzEmail Internet general manager, said: "The ticket offer comes with full OzEmail support. That means unlimited telephone support 24 x 7, plus our award winning starter kit, which is really easy to install on a new computer. If anyone has any problems, they can just call straight through."Milne explained that the deal was designed to stimulate the Myer Grace Bros channel which has suffered a slow down since January. The Ticket offer has been specifically designed for a retail customer base. "It is not the kind of deal that you can sell through just any channel, it makes buying a computer far more attractive to the home user. The price of the package will not change - basically the customers will get the Internet access for free."OzEmail and Myer Grace Bros sources reveal that the offer is designed to capture the forecast retail PC sales growth sparked by the introduction of the GST.

Milne predicts the PC market will continue to grow and emphasises the importance of the retail sector. "At one stage in Australia there was a perceived ceiling of 50 per cent of domestic penetration of the PC. It is not there yet but I can see things going much further than that. In fact, I predict quite sharp rises in sales. More and more homes will have PCs. They are going to become like VCRs, which are in 83 per cent of households. It's a generational thing; it's hard to have kids today without having a PC."

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