Intel's Timna launch put back three months

Intel's Timna launch put back three months

Intel is promising Australian OEM channels some CPU supply relief on increasingly hard-to-source PIII and Celeron chips as a result of the launch postponement for the Timna chip sets, now put back from Q4 this calendar year until Q1 2001.

An Intel spokesperson confirmed the Timna setback will allow additional manufacturing capacity for the Celerons and PIIIs, which are extremely popular with local whitebox PC manufacturers.

"As a result, there will be more PIIIs and Celerons available to the channel," the spokesperson promised Genuine Intel Dealers. "Shipments of these two chips will now increase in Q4 even further than was previously planned and an allocation of the additional production is destined for Australian channels."The spokesperson claimed the memory translator hub (MTH) that was to be used for Timna has been discovered to be inadequate for the task and now has to be redeveloped.

"There is a brand new MTH that has to be developed for Timna and that is going to take some time," the spokesperson said. "Therefore, the manufacturing capacity slated for Timna processors is now going to be devoted to more PIIIs and Celerons.""The additional production will come into effect in Q4 which works well with seasonal increases in demand but the effects should be felt in Q3."

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