Worn out and Wireless

Worn out and Wireless

Australian resellers, always on the look out for new and innovative niche markets, may find themselves caught up in the brave new pret-a-porter world of wireless fashion.

Los Angeles-based Charmed Technology has launched its latest range of high-tech apparel squarely aimed at the more-money-than-sense market in London last week.

I don't know about you but I can't wait to replace my woolly scarf with "communicator" hose pipe, or dictate e-mail messages into my necklace via a chip inserted into my brain.

And hey, how practical is e-shopping through your belt buckle, or using your Web wire sunnies to catch up on the latest stock movements as you cruise along the autobahn? The fact that the technology has yet to catch up with the fashion seemed to be lost on both the designers and the reportedly enthusiastic crowd. Now that we know how the future is going to look, we can get on with the lesser task of actually making it work.

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