NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Oracle is set to direct 2000 people to the door

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Oracle is set to direct 2000 people to the door

Things with Randi are so great that I didn't mind getting more hate mail than tips last week. She's really a class act and can see through my shady spots and bring out the best in me. If nothing else, she has me doing new things I've never done, which are completely opening my eyes.

Case in point: that dinner I served at the homeless shelter last week. I got to meet some amazing people who aren't consumed by such trivial life issues as how to make their e-commerce sites run more smoothly. It was a refreshing reality that I haven't experienced in a while.

Some other people received, or will be getting, a different touch of reality at Oracle that isn't quite so enlightening. The company that claims its software powers the Internet is exercising some power over its own employees.

I confirmed that 35 people were "made redundant" last week - shown the door - but my sources in the field tell me that number will soon increase sharply to nearly 2000.

Speaking of ongoing problems, Windows 2000 continues to have its fair share, this time when the client version connects to a Novell NetWare server.

A reader reports using Revelation Software's database products on Windows 2000 with NetWare performs 400 per cent slower than it does when he uses Windows NT.

Novell's response is that the implementation of Microsoft's IPX/SPX protocol on Win2000 is the root cause of the problem because it tries to use its own protocol instead of the NetWare Core Protocol.

So basically it appears that Win2000 is unable to connect to a NetWare server because it refuses to use a different connecting protocol. A stubbornness bug?It's no secret that Microsoft and Sun Microsystems have never been the best of friends. The companies have squabbled over everything from which has a better operating system to whether or not Microsoft can bundle its own version of Java. Now we can add another item to their list of disputes.

Sun has been splashing its new slogan "We're the dot in dot-com" all over television. However, Microsoft may have the last laugh in this one.

It seems the software giant has quietly registered all the domain names associated with the new Sun slogan: Dot-in-the-dot .com;;;;;;; and were all registered by Microsoft in February.

Lately though, Sun's site doesn't have many mentions of the slogan anymore . . .

Randi has decided that I need more enlightening experiences. "Bobby, let's look at some of the courses at Esalen in Big Sur." Maybe I could convince her to go to a Giants game instead.

Robert X. Cringely is a regular contributor to ARN's sister publication Infoworld

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