HP backup device keeps laptop data safe

HP backup device keeps laptop data safe

Hewlett-Packard has launched an automatic backup solution that integrates recovering software in a network appliance.

SureStore AutoBackup is based on thin-server technology and is designed to capture business data stored not only on the network, but on user desktops and notebooks, where information is often stored unprotected.

Currently, solutions require the end user to do something, even if it's just transfering data onto a network. But between 60 to 80 per cent of corporate data sits on PCs and laptops so backup servers are missing around two-thirds of business information," said HP product manager Shay Withnall, who was in Australia for the launch. "It often seems trivial but it can cost businesses a lot of money."With 60 per cent of laptops now being used as primary machines according to IDC figures, backup solutions are becoming increasingly important.

Withnall said companies can spend around $30,000 recovering 20MB of data.

"This is the only solution that integrates everything you need into one unit.

You can buy backup software, install it on your server and it will give you some functionality, but you need time and IT expertise. This takes 15 minutes to install and if you can use Explorer, you can use AutoBackup."The solution works by automatically scheduling system backup when the user is logged onto the network using a process called Storage Set Optimisation, whereby data is only downloaded if it is not already on the server. It also uses Delta Blocking - which recognised changes within a specific document and will only back up those changes, thereby reducing networking traffic. It can also back up open files.

"The system recognised different users' libraries and settings, but it won't back up information already on the system. The idea is to make backup as unobtrusive as possible. The user shouldn't be aware it is working and it doesn't lock the machine up."Autobackup backs data onto a hard disk, but includes an optional tape facility for worst case scenarios such as fire. Withnell said the product, which will be available from July 1, gave resellers an excellent opportunity to revisit clients.

"No one else has anything like this; AutoBackup is innovative enough to be a good door opener for resellers and it can add lots of value with a quick install and low ongoing support. It is useful for resellers to market because .

. . managers will be able to see the solution preventing them from losing business.

"Relative to laptops or desktops, the appliance will provide a very satisfactory product margin," he added.

The first two products in the SureStore AutoBackup range will be the PC25, which is suitable for organisations with up to 25 clients and the PC100, designed for businesses of up to 100 clients. Australian prices have yet to be finalised, but the units carry a US list price of $4200 and $10,000 respectively.

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