News briefs

News briefs

Nortel brands ATM - based Sonoma devicesNortel Networks has decided to brand ATM-based integrated access devices from Sonoma Systems under the trade name Universal Edge 600. Along with the OEM agreement, Nortel may take an equity position in US-based Sonoma. The Nortel Universal Edge series will incorporate the Sonoma Integrator and Sonoma Access product lines, touted by the company as delivering ATM-based, toll-quality voice on a single access facility, along with data and Internet traffic. Sonoma in turn recently acquired the patents of a company called Netphone that provides alternative PBX technology.

Lucent's new agreement will improve traffic flowLucent Technologies has signed an OEM agreement to offer Alteon WebSystems' 180e and ACEdirector 3 Web switches under the names WebDirector 80 and WebDirector 180, respectively. Used by service providers in conjunction with Lucent's WebCache replication appliance, Alteon's Web switches capture, parse and redirect traffic based on URLs and HTTP cookies. As a result, non-cacheable traffic can be automatically bypassed from Lucent WebCaches, thus increasing performance. The package will be included in Lucent's IPWorX intelligent Web-content portfolio for service providers.

Intel's wireless products feed the hungryIntel has announced two wireless networking products targeted at business users and performance-hungry consumers, based on the IEEE 802.11B standard. Intel has also recently announced AnyPoint home networking products based on the slower, but less expensive HomeRF wireless standard. "The AnyPoint is HomeRF, which is optimised for consumers with an emphasis on low cost," said Stephen Saltzman, co-general manager of Intel wireless LAN operations. The 802.11B technology offers top transfer speeds of up to 11Mbps per second, while HomeRF tops out at about 1.6Mbps.

Companies join forces to get the message acrossHewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems and have announced what they claim is the first "open," IP-based Unified Communications (UC) system, designed to enable service providers to offer end-users enhanced messaging and call-management services. UC is an extension of unified messaging - singular access to voice, fax and e-mail messages - by adding real-time call management to both inbound and outbound communications, the companies said.

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