Edge continues to smoulder

Edge continues to smoulder

The dying embers of Edge's burnout continues to create a plume of smoke as resellers and former staff members register their discontent.

Significantly, one of Edge Technology's largest customers claims to have seen documents that detail $1.9 million in outstanding payments due from resellers around the country.

The source, who asked not to be named, said Edge is carrying $2.5 million in stock, around $60,000 of which is old and useless.

"I can tell you right now that [figure] will be at least $1 million over valued," the source said.

Meanwhile, the warranty issue still looms as the biggest threat facing resellers.

"We will be looking not to pay our bill, or a percentage of our bill based on our warranty liabilities," one reseller wrote to ARN. "The real liability issues over the next 12 months will be horrendous." A former Edge reseller from regional WA spoke of his surprise at the news.

"I have just finished reading some of the reports from ARN and am a little amused to see that the receivers would expect all the dealers out in the real world to hand over outstanding payments when they are quite likely expected to carry the system warranties," he said.

However, a former Edge branch manager attacked the media over its coverage of the issue.

"Instead of pulling Edge down further, why not tell the story of the loyal employees over the past 10 years, employees that stayed until the very end when the locks were being changed, when they were told, not asked, to leave the premises."The branch manager claimed warranties will not be a problem. "From my dealings with the reseller (sic), almost 100 per cent of them had, during some time or another, had dealings directly with the manufacturer, and their goods had been warranted. I have only spent 30 minutes on the Net and already I can warrant anything that is in my PC direct with the manufacturer. All it is going to cost is some small amount of freight."

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