Allaire releases JRun 3.0

Allaire releases JRun 3.0

Web software vendors of Cold Fusion fame Allaire has released its latest Java server JRun 3.0 onto the Australian market place.

At roughly a fifth of the price of its competing brands, Allaire is pitching the server software as an offering which will make advanced capabilities of J2EE broadly accessible to the entire Java developer community.

"We offer the prototype builder free from our Web site so that developers can begin projects without making heavy investments. This is a fully working, version of the JRun 3.0, the only limitation it has is that it only allows for three concurrent users to use an application. Developers do not need to pay for the full product until their software is ready to roll. Even the Enterprise Edition of JRun 3.0 is significantly less expensive than Webshpere or Web Logic," explained Allaire Asia Pacific director Nick McNaughton.

Allaire plans to distribute the offering through Firmware, and over 30 major channel partners throughout Australia.

Although the market for Web developer tools is growing, McNaughton made it clear that Allaire was not likely to review their distribution structure.

"Firmware has the right focus on Web technologies, and the right kinds of reseller partners to make sure Allaire products are represented throughout Australia. As our sole distributor Firmware provides Allaire with a high level of commitment." McNaughton said.

Although NcNaughton confirmed that the Allire sales focus would initially concentrate on four key verticles, he went on to point out that because of the entry price the offering would ultimately open J2EE to much wider developer market.

"Initially we are looking at the areas like Finance, Government, .coms, and education administration, but this is just the beginning.

"In the end the vendor with the most developers wins, we recognise that. We endevour to make our products functional and affordable so we can capture the greatest market share," McNaughton said.

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