OUT OF THE BOX, New products

OUT OF THE BOX, New products


3Dlabs a fresh breath of air

3Dlabs' Oxygen GVX1 workstation graphics accelerator is quite used to the bright lights and glamour of the movie world - the card was used by Tigar Hare Studios to create the title sequence of Mission Impossible 2.

The card is capable of supporting monitor resolutions up to 1920 x 1200, in colour depths of 8-, 16- and 32-bits with refresh rates from 60Hz to 100Hz, dependent on your system hardware, operating system and monitor capabilities.

It has won a number of awards this year Oxygen GVX1 implements a virtual texture sub-system, using on-board graphics memory to cache huge textures stored in main system memory and allowing manipulation of up to 256MB of textures. The card delivers complete OpenGL geometry and lighting acceleration in hardware, boosting the interactivity of large models by up to three times.

Distributed by Innovision, the card costs $2399.

Ericsson right out of the packet

Ericsson has unveiled the first general packet radio services (GPRS) phone using Bluetooth wireless technology. The R520 is Ericsson's sixth WAP handset and incorporates a built-in Bluetooth chip and a WAP browser. GPRS and High Speed Data make it possible for the user to send and receive packet data at around five times the speed of regular GSM networks. The phone also supports High Speed Data (HSCSD).

Users can connect to a PC with the Ericsson Bluetooth PC card for wireless access. The R520 supports most e-mail services and also includes features such as speakerphone, proximity switch and voice command function. Ericsson will produce two versions of the phone, one for the Chinese market. Prices and availability have yet to be announced.

Spotlight on Hitachi

Hitachi has released its VM-H768LE Hi8 Camcorder, one of three new 8mm cameras.

The 768LE is the top of the three releases and includes Electronic Image Stabiliser and an in-built five setting AE dial and spotlighting for night-time recording as well as an S-connector output and remote control.

It also features Tape Analyser, an automatic system that analyses the tape and adjust the camera parameters to suit and the Tape+ feature, which Hitachi claims permit cost savings on high resolution images.

The camera retails for around $1500, including GST and will be available in July.

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