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News briefs

Oracle sets conference plans

Oracle has announced plans to hold a conference in New Orleans in February 2001 for users of its business applications, an event that will pit the software vendor against the independent Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), which runs two conferences in the US each year. The OAUG plans to hold its spring conference two months later in Atlanta, where the user group is based. The scheduling of Oracle Applications World, which is what Oracle is calling its conference, follows the OAUG's April rejection of a proposal to combine its two conferences into a single Oracle-sponsored event. That decision, which was announced at this year's OAUG conference, prompted Oracle to say that it would go ahead and hold its own applications conference starting next year. giant introduces new Web serversIBM is introducing a slew of new servers with new chip technology and software aimed at improving Web server performance. Big Blue recently announced new models for its AS/400e server line that will take on Sun Microsystems' midrange Enterprise line of boxes. For instance, IBM is claiming the new AS/400 840 is able to run 108,153 messages per second, which it claims is four times faster than the comparable Sun E6500 box can handle. Boosting their Web serving performance, the IBM machines will have CPUs with copper wiring inside, letting them run faster and cooler than chips with standard aluminum wires.

Additionally, the AS/400e CPUs also come with IBM's silicon on insulator (SOI) technology, a method of covering the transistors with silicon to prevent electrical leaks. adds security to wirelessTivoli Systems has announced that its SecureWay Policy Director software will now be able to handle personal digital assistants and other handhelds devices.

Policy Director software lets IS staff centrally manage the authentication of end users and ensure only the appropriate network resources are accessible to them. Now the product will oversee security for wireless access protocol (WAP)-based devices, like a Nokia mobile phone. Tivoli has placed a hook into Policy Director that let it talk to the WAP gateway server and view the wireless sessions going on there for security management. This will save users the time and expense of creating a separate, dedicated wireless security system in addition to their existing one, according to the company.

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