LCD monitor shipments jump in third quarter 99

LCD monitor shipments jump in third quarter 99

Worldwide liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor shipments jumped 14 per cent sequentially and 224 per cent year-over-year in the third quarter of 1999, and the good news for consumers is that prices of the space-saving displays are dropping, according to a study by US-based market researcher DisplaySearch.

The third quarter saw 1.2 million units shipped, with fully 50 per cent going to Japan, according to Ross Young, DisplaySearch's president.

In Japan, the high cost of real estate and power makes LCDs particularly attractive, Young said.

"The Japanese market is attracted to the space savings from using LCD monitors as well as the reductions in power consumption," Young said.

Of the remainder of the 1.2 million units shipped in the third quarter, 29 per cent were destined for Europe and 18 per cent for North America, with the rest of the world accounting for the remaining 3 per cent of shipments, according to Young.

For consumers, the news is falling LCD prices, including what will likely prove to be a 7 per cent dive in the fourth quarter, Young said. For example, a 15 inch LCD monitor, the most popular size, will probably fall from $US1124 in the third quarter of 1999 to about $1027 in the first quarter of 2000, he said.

"We actually picture prices falling for about the next two years because we see a significant surplus," Young said. The anticipated price decline will culminate in late 2001 with prices around $650, he said.

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