Roadshow ruckus

Roadshow ruckus

One of Tabloid's favourite whipping boys, Computer Hardware of Australia (CHA), has caused yet another channel commotion, this time of a comic kind at its national roadshow in Sydney last week.

Given new MD Peter Thatcher's admission that "these roadshows can be pretty boring", it was no surprise the company enlisted the support of radio funny-man Richard Stubbs to lighten the mood.

Stubbs turned out an entertaining performance as MC, and later as stand-up comedian with his "unique" brand of humour that takes advantages of other people's misfortunes (he cheers up by watching people fall over in the street).

Proud to now publicly call himself a "user", with obvious reference to habits of his younger days, the tech-savvy joker wowed the audience with his outstanding technical prowess.

Iomega's new Zip drive was cool because it was curvy; Xircom was given the thumbs up because its name suggests a Star Trek heritage; he saluted Toshiba because its executives used to make Samurai swords, and Attache attracted some attention because of an obvious link with brief cases and 007. It also had a "shit hot" video presentation.

The audience exploded when he admitted: "I want it all [technology]. I don't know what half this shit does, but I want it all."Ah yes, nothing like a fully briefed compere.

But aside from the comic antics, Tabloid was amused by one senior CHA exec who attacked it for a recent drubbing the company received on this page.

Tabloid's spy was lost for words. It's not like CHA has created much news.

We've only had the spectacular failure of its CHS merger, former MD Roger Bushell's exit and now return as marketing director, and the termination of deals with the likes of NAI just months after signing. The latest rumours suggest the company is having more sales troubles.

The executive in question proffered: "I don't know what all the fuss was about, we're just a distributor." Too right.

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