Sun releases new Java architecture certification

Sun releases new Java architecture certification

After months of delay, Sun Microsystems has released details of the new Java architecture certification, but the wait is not yet over for Australian Java users wanting to upgrade their skills and qualifications.

The new certification process to qualify as a "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition" includes three exams: a knowledge test, a design project and an essay. The fist is available in Australia now, but the second and third, needed to complete the certification, won't be available until later this month.

A four-day course to prepare candidates for the exams called, "SL245 Architecture Using J2EE", won't be available in the US until August, and Australia "sometime after that", a Sun Microsystems spokesperson said.

The Sun Web site had promised to post the exam objectives by mid-March but at the time of writing this had not yet been completed.

The new exam replaces and extends the previous Java architecture certification, which was purely knowledge-based.

Craig Simon, national sales manager for Sun Education Services Australasia, told ARN there has been high demand for the course.

"There has been huge demand so far," Simon said. "In the development arena, it's one of the most highly sought after skills at the moment. The certified architects are the most crucial aspect of the development team."

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