Network Solutions Briefs: SIP, MS, Equipe, Evail

Network Solutions Briefs: SIP, MS, Equipe, Evail

Networking giants rally around SIP

Major networking and telephony vendors including 3Com and Cisco Systems have rallied around the corporate potential of a new standard that injects voice, video and chat services into Internet applications. Specifically, the companies have launched the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Forum, based in Sweden, in an effort to harness the commercial potential of SIP. SIP was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a way to dovetail Internet and telecommunications technologies. The standard allows networks to converge at the service level, and not just physically. For instance, SIP can be used to set up Web conferences or instant messaging across disparate networks and devices. The SIP Forum - set in motion at the VON Conference held in Stockholm last week - is an effort to raise the awareness level of the standard and its commercial potential, officials said.

Home networking standard launched by MS

Microsoft has announced it has partnered with General Electric and a number of other companies to develop a new, unified home networking standard. The new standard, dubbed SCP, or Simple Control Protocol, was recently unveiled at the Home Automation Show and Conference in Chicago. SCP is meant to increase interoperability with the current crop of home networking technologies through compatibility with Microsoft's Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) architecture, as well as devices based on IP, the company said. SCP also interacts with non-IP-capable devices such as refrigerators or coffee pots.

Equipe shines light on network outages

Optical startup Equipe Comm- unications has unveiled the software component of its upcoming product designed to enable service providers the ability to offer new services that take advantage of existing edge equipment and high-capacity optical networks. Called Evail, the software is intended to help service providers and carriers avoid downtime from software-based network outages.

Evail is also intended to simplify software upgrades via its modular design.

The software does this by isolating memory from failures and fully separating the control and data plane functions, Equipe officials said. Evail software upgrades are modular which allows specific downloads and speeds the introduction of new features and fault fixes. Evail includes a feature called Upgrade Manager that automates all software upgrade coordination. This helps eliminate the need for most system reboots, Equipe said.

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