Multi-platform apps server integration hailed

Multi-platform apps server integration hailed

Mercator Software will roll out later this year its Java-based "integration broker," called Web Integrator, to provide an enterprise with a single point of access to multiple application servers.

Using Enterprise Javabeans (EJB) technology, the US-based vendor will offer Web Integrator as part of its E-Business Broker suite, due out during the third quarter of this year.

The new tool will help users access data, applications, and business processes of application servers from IBM's WebSphere offering and BEA Systems's WebLogic product. Mercator also will provide integration with Bluestone Software's Total-e-Business platform and Allaire's JRun Java Application Server.

The Web Integrator is being launched to help users build a bridge between application servers in use at various departments throughout an organisation and ERP as well as legacy applications, said Dave Power, Mercator's vice president of marketing. "It's clear that there's no choice but to integrate systems from disparate vendors," Power said. "You can't buy a complete set of integration tools from one vendor."Mercator's Web Integrator is using an EJB mapping process for internal bridges, and "EJB servlets" to provide enterprises with Web server access, Power said.

The Web Integrator effort is a way for the vendor to help users piece together "end-to-end integration" between their front-end e-commerce platforms and back-end legacy and ERP platforms, Power said. This effort was further underscored on Monday with Ariba's endorsement of Mercator's offerings, he said.

According to Power, to expose enterprise and legacy data, Mercator is using XML as well as the EJB and Java technologies. In addition to the announced support, an EJB-compliant server can access Mercator's Web Integrator.

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