PC Solutions: Out of the Box

PC Solutions: Out of the Box

Speeding up sound

Yamaha Music has launched its new series of rewritable CD recorders featuring new anti-glare technology that offers data reliability while recording at high speeds.

The CRW8824 is the world's first recorder to rewrite at 8x speed, doubling the current standard of 4x. It records at 8x speed, writing a 650MB CD in nine minutes, and reads at 24x. Digital audio extraction speed has been increased to 24x, up from the standard 16x of old.

The CRW8824 series includes four retail models: The internal CRW88EVK unit using E-IDE (ATAPI) technology and the internal CRW8824SVK using Ultra SCSI (SCSI-3) technology include the Adaptec Easy CD Creator, DirectCD and Take Two backup software for the PC. The external CRW8824SXVK using Ultra SCSI interface will include Adaptec Toast for Macintosh software as well as all the PC software. The fourth external unit, CRW8824IXVK, is set to be released in August. It uses Firewire technology for connection to provide easy installation, reliable performance, and fast recording speeds, according to the company.

The products will be available to resellers through major distributors, and consumers through computer resellers and large retailers. The retail price hasn't been finalised but it will be somewhere between $600-800. For product and distribution information contact Yamaha's Consumer Electronics Division Hotline on 1800 682 705.www.yamaha.comAcer makes portable practicalAcer has bridged the gap between portable and performance with the launch of its new lightweight, high-powered portable computer, the TravelMate 600.

TravelMate features a slim design, incorporates a large capacity removable hard disk and comes with a built-in CD writer as standard. It combines a Intel Pentium III processor with Speedstep technology, the latest graphics and storage technology and has the longest battery life in its class.

Acer has developed the TravelMate as a high-end mobile office. The internal CD-ROM has the capacity to download files, negating the need for a floppy disk drive. The CD writer enables users to bypass the increasingly limited size restrictions on files that can be transferred via email. The system also allows users to utilise MP3 compression technology to create, view, and present complex information in a visually dynamic format.

The TravelMate is covered by a one year limited local warranty as well as a two-hour turnaround repair service. TravelMate 600 retails for $6699 for further information call 1300 366

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