Tu-Ka TS41

Tu-Ka TS41


As first glance there is nothing special about the TS-41 cellular phone, produced by Sanyo for Japan’s Tu-Ka Cellular, as it looks pretty similar to most other phones on the market. The clamshell handset has a 2.1-inch (5.2cm) main display and a smaller one on the outside of the case. It can be used for talking, browsing the wireless Internet and sending or receiving emails. What’s special about this phone is what Tu-Ka calls the “sonic speaker”. It’s located inside the top half of the case towards the hinge and works by producing vibrations that travel along the user’s face bone to the ear. This means you can easily hear what people are saying in loud environments, Tu-Ka claims. The phone is on sale in Japan now with an operator subsidy for about $US90. It’s compatible with Japan’s PDC phone system and won’t work anywhere else in the world.

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