NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Aliens evaded, OneNote inflated

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Aliens evaded, OneNote inflated

I finally met a great gal using an online matchmaker. Smart, cute, funny, a bit of a geek but with good teeth. We even set up a dinner date - for June 2011, when she's up for parole ( Until then, I'll have to take comfort from the Cringe faithful, even when they write to tell me I'm wrong.

Aliens Defeated: Apparently I was off-base when I said the new SETI@Home client, based on the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, could let aliens invade your PC. Rom Walton of the BOINC development team says applications must be digitally signed before they're uploaded to the core client, making it unlikely users will get BOINC'd via a back door. (Personally, I always demand dinner and a movie first.)

Rule by Fiat: My item about Microsoft teaming with Fiat inspired road-savvy readers to note that Fiat was founded by Giovanni Agnelli, not Enzo Ferrari. I actually knew that. But who the heck's heard of Agnelli? Now I may have my creative license revoked.

The Wrong Note: After Microsoft slashed the price of OneNote 2003 to $US99, Cringester Ed C. immediately dialed up the website to order it. But when he went to check out, Microsoft slipped an extra $100 bill in the total. He called MS customer service, which insisted $US199 was correct, despite what the site says. A company spokesperson said $US99 was right. Maybe those Microfolks should check their notes?

Phish Food: Even though he's not a Citibank customer, Carey D. dutifully forwarded copies of phisher emails he'd received to, as instructed by the bank's website. Citigroup's email server promptly rejected the messages for being, well, spam. So much for being a good Citi-zen.

Kahn Do: Always a good sport, Philippe Kahn wrote to say he enjoyed my snide aside about him and dieting. (If you're wondering, Philippe's spent the past six years running Lightsurf Technologies, a wireless messaging company.) Actually, that entire joke was a mistake. It was supposed to say I stopped testing software around the time Steve Ballmer gave up on Rogaine. My apologies for the error(s).

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