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New, simple, low-cost document and knowledge management software for SME's launched in Australia.

  • 08 July, 2003 11:08

<p>Finally, document and knowledge management software for SME’s is in the marketplace.</p>
<p>Anuva Corporation has announced the launch of the 'Anuva' Document and Knowledge Management system in Australia with the appointment of Melbourne based 'Softcell Online Systems' as Australia’s inaugural Anuva partner and reseller.</p>
<p>"We're absolutely stoked to have the opportunity to spearhead the introduction of Anuva to the Australian market." says Greg Jaggers, Managing Director of Softcell. “There is definitely a need out there for a low cost, easy to implement, intuitive document and knowledge management system</p>
<p>Anuva has been specifically designed and priced for small and medium sized organisations. Until now document and knowledge management software has been the domain of large corporates with I.T. budgets to match, due to complexity, expense and extensive administration requirements.</p>
<p>"Anuva represents the chance for smaller organisations to experience the efficiency gains resulting from electronic document &amp; knowledge management without having to pay the earth" says Richard Burton, Managing Director for Anuva Corporation.</p>
<p>Document &amp; knowledge management is widely recognized as the 'next challenge' for business and is a key factor in both competitive advantage and productivity gains.</p>
<p>"Much has been said about the knowledge economy and the resulting benefits - now, finally, here is a way to get smaller companies working smarter and more efficiently - at a price that isn't oppressive" says Jaggers.</p>
<p>Anuva utilizes a new approach to finding and managing information within a company with intuitive dynamic retrieval of documents and/or the information within documents instead of traditional folder structures as a core part of it’s functionality.</p>
<p>Burton says Anuva enables vastly increased file and knowledge sharing, allowing a company to actively build upon its cumulative knowledge – “an approach that has a lot of people very excited".</p>
<p>“Anuva enforces a consistent filing and finding discipline with a lot of added value along the way – it also helps capture knowledge that would normally be lost over time with staff turnover and handles the email issue particularly well.”</p>
<p>"Companies are only just starting to recognize the value locked up within in the documents they produce - Currently the way businesses use their own documents is like using the internet without a search engine" asserts Burton "Anuva changes all that and then some - and we challenge anyone to take a look at it and disagree!"</p>
<p>Anuva is the result of two years development by the New Zealand based company Anuva Corporation and has been creating a lot of interest locally. Interestingly enough, it was half written by an Australian - so the credit might have to be shared on this one.</p>
<p>Anuva is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office suite.</p>
Anuva Corporation</p>
<p>Contact: Richard Burton, Managing Director
Ph: +64 9 917 4307
<p>About: Anuva Corporation is headquartered in Auckland New Zealand - Company information and history can be found at both and at</p>
<p>The Anuva document and knowledge management software was commercially launched in March 2003 after two and a half years of fairly secret development.</p>
Softcell Online Systems
Contact: Greg Jaggers, Managing Director
Ph: +61 3 9639-7622
<p>About: Softcell Online Systems are based in the Melbourne CBD and have been providing a full service IT offering to a predominantly professional services clientele since 1987 with particular strengths in the legal market. Softcell have also had an outstanding recent success story with a proprietary dental laboratory workflow program.</p>
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