Alteon to ship Web switch add-on

Alteon to ship Web switch add-on


Looking to beef up its high-end Web switching offerings Alteon has announced the shipping of its integrated ServiceDirector (iSD) platform encompassing an SSL accelerator and Akamaizer products.

Aptly dubbed the Alteon iSD-SSL accelerator and iSD Akamaizer, the two new products attach to Alteon's Web switch and are intended to increase Web traffic management.

The iSD-SSL is designed to accelerate secure e-Commerce transactions by offloading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) processing from local servers. The iSD Akamaizer, in turn, is designed to intercept and re-route ARL requests in the same fashion.

A need for speed attitude appears to be driving Alteon's technology development as Andrew Cook, Alteon consulting engineer, Australia New Zealand, boasts the iSD platform is the first to offer Gigabit speed Web switching at "up to 12,000 SSL transactions per second [after scaling]." "The new devise is purpose built," adds David Elliott, Alteon regional sales manager, Australia and New Zealand. "It's geared around getting applications out of the way of the data path."The announcement follows a Dell'oro Group report positioning Alteon as the market-share leader in worldwide Web switching revenue. However, Elliott was unsure of Alteon's presence in the local market, quoting customer site figures varying from 50 to 100. "It's hard to tell at this stage," he said.

Alteon is expecting its new iSD platform products, currently in a beta testing, to begin shipping towards the end of August - with volume shipments slated to begin in September.

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