Channel anagrams return as carnal hangmen at Andy's

Channel anagrams return as carnal hangmen at Andy's

Perhaps we are easily amused or perhaps we have too much time on our hands but Tabloid has once again come across an Internet site guaranteed to keep channel folk amused for at least a minute and a half (give or take a minute).

In the interest of filling the space between ads, we recently spent some time plugging different channel companies in to Andy's Anagram solver and producing mostly meaningless phrases. Or are they?According to Andy, Express Data can be rewritten as "red sax paste" or "a sex sped rat", and Ingram Micro came out as "a grim micron" or (more disturbingly), "micro margin".

Tech Pacific is particularly unflattering (and certainly not politically correct) when rewritten as "fat chic epic".

Harvey Norman appears Zen inspired as "harmony raven", or perhaps provides some good news for the "Life Be In It" campaigners at the department of health with "heavy norm ran".

Westcon diversifies into agricultural stock with "ten cows". LAN Systems translates as a "sly ant mess", or "messy slant". Hitech Distribution "do their thin biscuit" whatever that means, and on the hardware front "hubs hit nice tid riot", (no, we don't know what tid means either).

Dataflow might have seen things coming if they realised they were also "a dot flaw", and "a tad wolf".

Some of the best responses came from the translation of Smart Buy as "musty bar" and "stray bum". Speaking of which, Tony Gattari produces any number of mildly amusing phrases such as "I gay not tart", and "at titan orgy".

The anagram solver does tend to spit the dummy with longer words so Australian Channel drew a blank, but when shortened to Aussie Channel the results make the industry sound like an interesting place to work: "a sensual niche", "alien sun chase" and the cryptic "canal hen issue".

Andy's Anagram Solver can be found at

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