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APC extends their Equipment Protection Policy to Smart-UPS

  • 21 October, 2004 10:40

<p>Free insurance covers against power problems up to $300,000</p>
<p>Sydney, 21st October 2004 – American Power Conversion (APC) now provides extra, free benefits for small and medium business users seeking to protect computers and electronic equipment from frequent and damaging power surges and spikes. APC’s Equipment Protection Policy (EPP) is being extended to the APC Smart-UPS family, with APC reimbursing Smart-UPS product users of 5kVA and below up to $300,000 for damage caused by electrical surges or spikes to connected equipment.</p>
<p>APC guarantees to repair or replace its product and any equipment damaged by a surge or spike, including surges due to lightning strikes, that was properly connected to the APC unit covered by the EPP. The APC Smart-UPS Products (5kVA and below) that have been added to APC’s EPP policy include Smart-UPS Tower, Smart-UPS Rackmount, Smart-UPS Tower Extended Run, Smart-UPS Rackmount Extended Run and Smart UPS Rackmount/Tower Online.</p>
<p>“We’re very confident in the design and quality of our products and want to ensure that we’ve done everything possible to offer our customers the maximum level of protection available,” says Paul Munten, APC General Manager, Australia and New Zealand. “Consumers can put complete trust in APC knowing that their expensive equipment is protected against power problems and covered by the most extensive insurance policy of its kind in the power protection market.”</p>
<p>APC will provide reimbursement during the lifetime of the product purchased after October 1st, up to the dollar limits stated below:</p>
<p>AUD Dollar Limit</p>
<p>Smart-UPS Tower (5kVA and below)
<p>Smart-UPS Rackmount (5kVA and below)
<p>Smart-UPS Tower Extended Run (5kVA and below) $300,000</p>
<p>Smart-UPS Rackmount Extended Run (5kVA and below) $300,000</p>
<p>Smart UPS Rackmount/Tower Online (5kVA and below) $300,000</p>
<p>Products previously launched under APC’s EPP Program include:</p>
<p>AUD Dollar Limit</p>
<p>Back-UPS ES
<p>Back-UPS CS
<p>Back-UPS RS
<p>For official terms and conditions for APC’s Equipment Protection Policy, visit APC’s Web site at Australian, New Zealand or call 1800 652 725.</p>
<p>About American Power Conversion</p>
<p>Founded in 1981, American Power Conversion is a leading provider of global, end-to-end solutions for real-time infrastructure. APC’s comprehensive products and services offering, designed for both home and corporate environments, improves the availability, manageability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communication and industrial equipment of all sizes. Headquartered in West Kingston, Rhode Island, APC reported sales of $1.46 billion for the year ended December 31, 2003, and is a Fortune 1000, Nasdaq 100 and S&amp;P 500 Company. All trademarks are the property of their owners.</p>
<p>All trademarks are the property of their owners. Additional information about APC and its global end-to-end solutions can be found by accessing the APC World Wide Web site at or by calling 1800 652 725.</p>
<p>* Subject to APC’s EPP terms and conditions.</p>
<p>* Subject to APC’s EPP terms and conditions.</p>
<p>For Further information, please contact:</p>
<p>Natalie Connor</p>
<p>Tel: +61 (0)2 9956 5733</p>

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