Big brother is watching most of you: Symantec

Big brother is watching most of you: Symantec

The cost of absolute network security is too great for most companies to foot and is often unnecessary, advises security executive Sharon Ruckman.

Ruckman, who is director of product management for Symantec's enterprise solutions division, said new security holes are found so frequently that it would be too time-consuming and costly for most companies to update their entire security systems accordingly.

She said the cost of network security typically increased exponentially, as security requirements became more stringent. However, only military and government operations typically housed data on their networks that justified the cost associated with comprehensively securing that data against all possible forms of attack.

Instead, she proposes that companies isolate which parts of their network need the tightest security and focus security-related costs on those parts.

A company should also ensure that the amount spent on security is proportional to the value of the protected data, she added.

Ruckman said that around 74 per cent of hacker or virus attacks were traceable to internal non-malicious sources -- often through employee internet or email use.

Symantec provides security products that filter incoming email and website data at a network level.

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