Web Development briefs

Web Development briefs

Seven years on, HTML forms get facelift

At this week's meeting of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) XForms working group, the mechanisms for HTML forms will at long last be updated - seven years after the specification saw its last major overhaul.

Analysts say there is a need to improve the interface beyond just raw, standards-compliant HTML. For instance, HTML is capable of putting five or six fields in a form, but it cannot handle more complex business documents such as purchase orders.

The specification for XForms separates the user interface from the data and logic, enabling different presentations to be used with the same back-end, according to officials.

WebSphere to be Java middleware platformIBM wants to transform its WebSphere application server into an infrastructure platform and double its share of the Java application market.

As part of its newly unveiled strategy, IBM will embark on a yearlong, $US1 billion development and marketing project to convert WebSphere into an Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) middleware platform from which customers can more easily run pre-built Java applications.

According to US analyst Giga Information Group, IBM trails BEA Systems in the EJB application server market. BEA last year held 32 per cent of the market, compared with IBM's 16 per cent, but Giga predicted that IBM's share will grow to 24 per cent by year's end, while BEA will drop to 24 per in details of Sun's free Solaris programLogistics issues are giving Sun Microsystems second thoughts over releasing to developers the entire source code of its Solaris operating system under its Free Solaris 8 Source License Program, according to a company official.

Sun announced in January that it would make the Solaris 8 source code available free to developers by the third quarter of this year, but one issue is the fact that Solaris has 5-10 million lines of code.

Sun is considering releasing the code in parts, each relevant to different developer

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