Hallmark gets heisted in daring raid

Hallmark gets heisted in daring raid

Thieves broke into Melbourne-based wholesale distribution company Hallmark Computers International and made off with $107,000 worth of hardware in an early morning raid last week.

Coming in through skylights on the Springvale premises, thieves managed to evade detection devices long enough to flee with 44 boxes of hard drives and motherboards before tripping an alarm.

Although police reports indicate the assailants are likely to have used a van parked nearby to transport the 688 hard drives and 30 motherboards stolen, it is not known at this stage how the goods were removed from the building.

"It is indicative of the professionalism used in this type of job," claimed Sargent Paul Rosenblum, of the Springvale Criminal Investigation Unit.

"It wasn't a run-of-the-mill burglary," said Rosenblum. "It appears the assailants had some knowledge of where to find the equipment."Rosenblum also stated there had been a number of factory robberies in the area, however, none were similar in execution to the Hallmark burglary.

Mark James, Hallmark's general manager, told ARN the hardware was all current stock, which had an estimated retail value of around $140,000.

"It was probably the most expensive hardware they could find," said James.

"About 15 of the boxes had come in just that day. We have all the serial numbers for the hard drives and motherboards." James warns the products did not contain the Hallmark warranty stickers. "People should be careful, because without those stickers you can't trace where the products are from.

"We're trying to get to our contacts out there in the market, and warn them that cheap hard drives might be circulating," said James. "The thing is, they [the thieves] have to move this stuff."The incident is still under investigation and no arrests had been made at time of press.

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