Microsoft kicks Java habit with .NET

Microsoft kicks Java habit with .NET

The already wide gulf between Microsoft and Java is expanding, as the company formalises its latest tools plans.

As the software giant put some flesh on its .NET strategy at its Professional Developers Conference in the US recently, it continues to sift out its choice of programming languages with respect to its offerings.

Visual Studio.NET, the next version of Microsoft's tools development suite, will include C#, which traces its roots to C and C++, as well as a Common Language Runtime that will allow developers to integrate a variety of programming languages and use features of one with others.

However Visual J++, which Microsoft officials have touted as the world's most popular Java tool during Microsoft's ongoing lawsuit with Sun Microsystems, apparently is being dropped.

"If we do the wrong thing, that would just complicate things," a spokesperson for Microsoft said. Microsoft declined to comment on prospects of reintroducing Visual J++ into the suite.

Instead of J++, Microsoft will include Java technology from Rational Software.

A spokesperson for Rational confirmed the company is developing a Java compiler for Visual Studio.NET.

"Microsoft and Sun are in litigation, and I think it's a believable notion that Microsoft is holding off until they get that straightened out," said Will Zachmann, a vice president at analyst Meta Group. "If Sun's position is that the tweedling [Microsoft wants to do to Java] is illegal, then Microsoft' s position makes sense.

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