What is the 2000 Channel 100?

What is the 2000 Channel 100?

The Channel 100 report is a joint project by Australian Reseller News and channel research outfit Inform Business Development.

It is the only report to provide rankings and information on the top 100 resellers, service providers and distributors serving the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The report contains financial information from the 1999 financial year as supplied by each company. Where that information has not been provided, an estimate has been used.

As the exclusive research company selected by IDG for the ARN Channel 100, we at Inform have been delighted to work on this unique publication. To come up with the final list as shown on this site, we needed to gather initial financial and business data from some 600 companies.

This was a formidable task that left our senior researchers with more than a few grey hairs. Still, they won through in the end so, on behalf of the entire research team, I would like to thank everyone who participated. We did have to badger some of you several times, and this did not make us the industry's favourite research firm for a few weeks!David Hancock is the director at Inform. Contact him

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